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Handling Recruitment Challenges

The Recruitment process has changed pretty much in the last few years. Finding the best candidate for an open position has become a difficult task and as technology began to progress, there have been changes in the hiring process too. So, here are few challenges faced by HR professionals during the hiring of candidates and how Coddle team effectively manages such challenges.

Availability of Talents

We as HR professionals should have an idea about the availability of talents for a particular requirement. Many candidates do not have the right qualifications in order to get the job. This can be found out sometimes by having a look at the resume.

At Coddle, we believe that - we have to dig little deeper to understand in detail about the candidate’s profile. The major fact is that after doing many job postings, we receive a number of responses. It is a bit smart work to sort through all that in order to find a right fit for the job requirement.

Tight Resume Scruitny

As a recruiter, whenever we advertise a job opening in any of the job portals, we will receive huge responses in which we can find both the suitable and non-suitable resumes. The main objective here is that how much our job advert not only attracts a lot of applicants but also attracts lots of suitable applicants.

We at Coddle, maintain a clear database of profiles in which if the candidate’s resume is not suitable for a particular requirement, we shall file it up and check with the candidate for other active requirements whichever he/she is suitable for.!

Window Shopping Candidates

The IT market is becoming more competitive day by day seeking new talents. Positions are being filled very quickly. The hiring process should be fast-tracked for effective results in closing a position, Also, candidates seem to be more selective when it comes to their employers. Therefore they tend to have multiple offers to choose. Another major challenge is that the candidate who was declined previously by the recruiter have moved on to other organization, this makes the recruiter search for candidates again.

At Coddle, we maintain backup of candidates. i.e., whenever we have an open requirement, we should have at least three to four shortlisted candidates in our pipeline.

Fast-tracking the Interview Process

The other challenge in hiring the candidates is that completing the recruitment of a particular requirement in a stipulated time – We want to hire a candidate as fast as possible, but we also want to ensure you get the best outcome from the hire. However, recruiters face challenges in terms of speed and quality.

Also, one of the major ways for effective hiring process is through AMS / ATS(Application Management System / Application Tracking System), where the resumes will be submitted on the tool and stored in a database. When we have an open requirement, we can easily run keyword search in the tool and it will list the candidates whose resumes contain those keywords.

At Coddle - The right strategy for an effective hiring is to balance the speed and the quality of hiring.

Compensation Demands

Compensation negotiation starts from the time you offer a job to the candidate, and it is one of the key factors in recruitment. For each position you hire for, there must be a salary band. Whenever the candidates negotiate for a higher salary, you need to find out whether he/she has a realistic expectation.

For Coddle, we prefer candidates who provide salary details in our job posting so that we are not overburdened with under or over-qualified candidates who are willing to settle for a job.

These are few common challenges faced during recruitment. The main question here is that how do you overcome these issues? - The only solution for this is, these challenges can be overcome by innovative ideas, planning a proper strategy and by seeking the help through other networks and technologies.

When it comes to recruitment, many of the Organisations limit up their hiring process to job portals. At Coddle, we utilize the resources like references, connecting with people on LinkedIn, networking events i.e., managing network with active job seekers. These do reduce the challenges faced by us to an extent.