A CMMi Level 3 Certified Organisation

How We Built Successful Work Teams

We always hear and talk about “building work teams” but the understanding of “how to keep the work teams effective” is an important aspect of any organization. When we call someone a “team player”, it means the individual has got major responsibilities upon him to contribute towards the success of the organization. Though coddlite’s role is limited to a specific domain/department, always they are given the opportunity to pool up with other Coddlites to fulfill an objective within the Organization. Teams that work together, understand the pulse of peer resources.

Set up a goal

We help Coddlites to set up their long and short term goals. Further, we ensure the set up goals are realistic ones so that our team doesn’t feel like they are working for a lost cause.

Have conversations

To work together, you need to communicate effectively. Communication is considered to be the most effective and efficient way of achieving organizational tasks and goals. It is important for team members to clearly identify how and what their fellow team members perspectives are, also their ideas and their plans to carry forward the work. We think the best way to build up a strong work team is by providing transparency among the team members.

Create a Team culture

The most important job of any leader is to clearly express the vision and how the team will achieve it. The members of the team need to understand how their contribution fits into the bigger picture. When we talk about creating a team culture, it's nothing but the type of workplace where team members work together, share knowledge, openly communicate and provide support to each other.

Focus on each role and value them

We at Coddle, take the time to get to know the people of our team. By that, we will begin to understand their strengths, weaknesses, and skills they have to develop. Also, the respective leads / mentors understand how to draw out the talent of each Coddlite. Among the key result area evaluated for leads are the time taken to motivate the team to go beyond what is expected of them. We promote a culture of learning by providing access to online learning platforms like Lynda, and this would create opportunities for our team members to take on new responsibilities.

Clearly define roles and responsibilities

We at Coddle believe that every member of the team should be clear of what's expected from him or her. The team roles and responsibilities are shared promptly and we make sure that the employees understand it thoroughly. Providing clear expectations about how the work is to be done, what the deadlines are, and how to handle any critical scenarios in emergency situations makes life easier for both employees and Coddle Management.

Celebrate success and failures

Celebrating successes and milestones also brings the team together. For Success meets, we bring the team together and let know everyone that when we work together, great things can happen. Also, we do not miss any appreciation for team members who have shown exceptional performance within the team. Even small effort are looked into and appreciated with a small token of gift cards. This helps each Coddlite to feel visible. In contrast, in case of any failure / process breakdown, we perform the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and efforts are put-in to better our process to ensure such instances doesn’t recur. Further, this learning is shared organization-wide with Delivery / Project heads to ensure their Risk Registers are updated, and corresponding Mitigation processes are followed.

Provide feedback

Providing feedback is another reason why it is so important to develop relationships with your team members; when people on our team trust us, they will take our suggestions to heart. We believe that, instead of waiting until a problem occurs and then giving feedback, we have cultivated a habit of regularly letting our team members know how they are doing and what areas they could improve.

A good work team can transform the workplace, increases employee motivation and thereby business productivity. By spending time and attention on each of the above pointers, we have ensured that our work teams are successful in every aspect and promotes the business to the Organization.