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Mobile App Development

Your dream deserves more than a place in your imagination and our developers give wings to your imagination.

We offer a full cycle of application design, integration and management services. Whether it is a consumer oriented app or a transformative enterprise-class solution, the company leads the entire mobile app development process from ideation and concept to delivery, and to ongoing support.

Coddle, an enterprise mobile application development company provide full-stack mobile application development services including ground-up bespoke mobile app development (Native / Cross-platform), migration, updates, & ongoing maintenance services.

Benefits of Implementing a Mobile App

High Traffic

Mobile devices generate over 60% of worldwide web traffic, so you can be sure that more people will engage with your company.

New marketing channel

People spend about 80% of their time using mobile instead of desktop devices. That’s why mobile apps are so important.

Competitive advantage

Thanks to a mobile app, you can instantly communicate with your users: send notifications, create special offers, personalize discounts, and track their activities

Build brand recognition

Mobile apps reinforce your brand by increasing your visibility. An app gives a business more presence on a phone than a browser bookmark does because it is always visible on the phone’s screen

Service Offerings

Custom & Native App Development
Our team is proficient in developing native environments using compelling technologies, expertise and making your app stand out in the crowd.
Hybrid App Development
Coddle's rich swathe of tools & technologies help you hop from one app environment to another without expending too much money, time and disconnect.
Cross Platform Development
No matter what platform you aim to devise your apps for, our team will help you to cross the boundaries in a seamless & well-stacked way.

Development Process


Due to the Domain-Driven Design approach, we start each project by learning more about the client's activities, their real needs, and expectations. We are happy to share our experience and knowledge.


It is not only about creating an attractive look but also about the application's usability, performance, security, and high availability. We present the final shape of the application at the earliest stage of work to ensure that the application meets the expectations set for it.


Investing in well-written code brings long-term returns. We use the "shift-left" principle, which ensures high quality at the programming stage. That's why our applications are less prone to errors and can be easily extended with further functionalities.

Quality Assurance

We carry out a complete testing process for each subsequent version. Pre-defined, planned, methodical tests are the most valuable. That’s why we create test scenarios and test plans at the stage of designing solutions and review them with the client.


The application lifecycle doesn’t end after it has been successfully implemented. We provide comprehensive support and maintenance services and are ready to ensure the high availability of applications, high SLA parameters, and to monitor user comments and opinions to be able to respond quickly to any incidents.