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Blockchain Development

Our Team’s expertise in Blockchain Technology enables us to deliver high quality services and solutions to clients across the globe.

In Coddle Technologies, we create Bespoke software and Apps that focus on creating a reliable and safe blockchain application. We worked with most of the industry’s top frameworks and technologies and have experience with blockchain application development.

Blockchain Technology's versatility and security features make it applicable in many fields from Finance and Banking to real estate. Our Team will evaluate the potential of blockchain for your business, if there are any flaws, we will spot it, discover the growth triggers, and propose strategically and financially feasible Blockchain solutions.

Blockchain Components

Blockchain Game Development

We build games that integrate blockchain technology to enhance gameplay, enable player ownership of in-game assets, and provide unique features that leverage the benefits of blockchain. These best practices make Coddle stand out from the Blockchain Game Development Companies.

Smart Contracts Development

We create smart contracts with predefined rules and conditions that automatically execute and enforce themselves on a blockchain when specific conditions are met. Smart contracts are typically written in programming languages such as Solidity (for Ethereum) or similar languages for other blockchain platforms to fulfill Smart Contract Development.

Decentralized Exchange Development

We develop Decentralized Exchange involves creation and establishment of platforms that allow users to trade cryptocurrencies and other digital assets directly with one another, without the need for a central intermediary or authority. In coddle technologies we stay up to date with the latest developments in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, as the DEX landscape is rapidly evolving.

NFT Development Services

The NFT space is evolving rapidly and has gained significant attention in various fields from Digital art to Fashion and luxury goods. Coddle Technologies has experience in creating and delivering impeccable NFT platforms that perfectly suit the customer's needs.

Web3 Software Development

Want to create Web3 software, don’t know where to start, you are at the Right place, Coddle Technologies has Web3 development experts, who have boundless knowledge and skills in extended reality and web3 technology that makes us the leading blockchain and web3 software development company.

Steps of blockchain development process

Choosing the Blockchain platform
Choosing the blockchain platform that best fits the project's requirements (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polka dot, etc.).
Designing the Blockchain architecture
Creating a high-level architecture and design for the Blockchain application. Planning on how data will be stored, how transactions will be processed, and how users will interact with the application.
Actual Development work
Designing and developing the user interface (UI) for the app using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Creating the backend logic to handle data processing, business logic, and communication with the blockchain.
Testing and Deploy the Blockchain
Testing the apps, we created to identify and fix bugs, vulnerabilities, and performance issues. Performing the unit testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing. Finally Deploying the app to the chosen blockchain network (main net or TestNet).
An Image showing the steps of the Blockchain Development process

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